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Chad Johnson (OMGchad) joins MAD's Maddest Writer, Dick DeBartolo, for "The Giz Wiz!" Each episode features silly, unique, and crazy gadgets and gizmos, fan videos, letters, and more!

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Recent Episodes

  • Episode 1580: Time on My Hands

    On this episode of The Giz Wiz, Dick has two gadgets and a way to donate...animals? Chad has a gadget that's a little bit time consuming...but we hope you watch!
  • Episode 1579: Honey! I Shrunk the Phone

    Dick's got 3 new gadgets to show us and Chad will make quite a spectacle of his bluetooth gadget. Also, viewer Jason let's us know about the smallest smartphone in the world. It's only 50 bucks! All this and more on The Giz Wiz!
  • Episode 1578: Talk to the Hand

    Join us for a round of new gadgets! Dick will show off an amazing keyboard, some sticky bots! Also... oh sorry, that's just my bluetooth gadget calling! All this and more on The Giz Wiz!
  • Episode 1577: Pocket Volcano

    On this episode of the Giz Wiz, we have smart phones, smart refrigerators, and two crappy corner gadgets!
  • Episode 1576: Printed Pancake

    On this episode of The Giz Wiz, we know you love your kitchen and everything about it! All next on The Giz Wiz!
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