Episode Archive

  • Episode 1620: Hang Six

    On this episode, we have 3 unique gadgets from Dick, Chad's end of his magnetic month, and another viewer video!
  • Episode 1619: What a Concept!

    On this episode, you better get moving because we are going to the Auto Show, we continue the magnetic month, and a viewer video!
  • Episode 1618: Bear Necessities

    We have three gadgets from Digital Focus, Chad goes camping on his crappy corner, and a viewer video!
  • Episode 1617: 100 Dunb Episodes

    On this episode, you wouldn't believe it but we have NOT an LED bulb, some laser bond, and the start of this month's theme!
  • Episode 1616: Snake Oil In a Box

    On this episode of The Giz Wiz, we have 3 gadgets from the Luxury Technology Show (ooh-la-la), the end of the Security month, and your videos!