Episode Archive

  • Episode 1597: Something Sounds Fishy

    If you're a parent Christmas shopping for kids, Dick's got three gadgets that is sure to be a favorite! Chad's back with another crappy $5 gadget. We also read James' letter! All next on this episode of The Giz Wiz!
  • Episode 1596: A Heli Of A Show

    Dick's got two gadgets and then we'll play a game of What The Heck Is It? Chad's showing off my 2nd crappy gadget for this month, and we read Richard's letter! All next on The Giz Wiz!
  • Episode 1595: They Drone On

    It's a brand new month! That means we'll reveal the new crappy theme. Also Dick has new gadgets to show us from the PhotoPlus Expo. All next!
  • Episode 1594: Small Price, Big Disappointment

    It's the last Giz Wiz of October which means we're ending our driving crappy gadget! Dick's got three new gadgets to show off, a warehouse video, and we play a "What the Heck Is It?" from viewer Douglas. All next!
  • Episode 1593: Who Is The Designated Host?

    It's another Bike filled episode! Dick has his three gadgets, Chad has a gadget to keep you safe from driving, and we watch a viewer video and read your letter! All next!