Episode Archive

  • Episode 1588: Good Vibrations

    We've got everything from cat toys, to water bowls, power banks, to vibrating paintbrushes. We also have a classic warehouse tour! All this and more on The Giz Wiz!
  • Episode 1587: Two for the Price of Ten

    We've got adapters and switches to light your world! It's a brand new month of crappy gadgets, so we'll reveal this month's theme! (Get out your pencils and get ready to solve! *wink*). Not only that, we've got a BRAND NEW WAREHOUSE INTRO VIDEO submitted by Ivan! All this and more on The Giz Wiz!
  • Episode 1586: Where's Hole #2?

    On this episode of The Giz Wiz, we've got an extra large fasta pasta! We have a viewer gadget, and Chad's gadget isn't even here!
  • Episode 1585: Watch That Watch

    Dick shows us two gadgets that can help recharge your phone! It's the last week of Smart Home Month, so I have two gadgets to show off too. Don't miss our warehouse video from Steve and Caleb. All this and more on The Giz Wiz!
  • Episode 1584: Bright Idears

    LET THERE BE LIGHT. We've got a crazy light show lined up for you. Bulbs, gloves, projectors, and more! Viewer Steve shows us a folding charger and Eric shows us how to get a toothpick lightsaber! So sit back and let us brighten up your day on this episode of The Giz Wiz!