Episode Archive

  • Episode 1592: Another Flashy Episode

    We are WHEELIE exctied about this episode! Grab your bicycle! Don't have a helmet? Don't worry! Dick has the perfect gadgets to ensure a great ride. We continue the driving crappy corner, and read your letters! Enough of this..... Let's shift gears and cruise on into... The Giz Wiz!
  • Episode 1591: It Does Nothing

    We're going to give you a touch of modern with a Portal router and a turn signal jacket. I'll also introduce this month's crappy category and show you my loot!
  • Episode 1590: Put Your Money Where Your Face Is

    Dick's got an RC drone, a 3D printer, and a Death Star! Chad's got an awesome RC Submarine. Plus your videos and letters! All next on The Giz Wiz!
  • Episode 1589: Cut Off For Your Safety

    Take out your yoga mat, because Dick's got a laptop to show us that is really really flexible. Bought an iPhone 7? No worries, Dick's got you covered with some wireless earbuds! Also, welcome aboard! We take flight with Chad's new gadget this week. So click on your seatbelt, and get ready for takeoff! The Giz Wiz starts NOW!
  • Episode 1588: Good Vibrations

    We've got everything from cat toys, to water bowls, power banks, to vibrating paintbrushes. We also have a classic warehouse tour! All this and more on The Giz Wiz!